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Mold can be found in your chimney or air ducts, especially after there has been water damage. If you think you may have block mold in your home, request the services of Rockville mold removal immediately. Watch this video to learn about the potential health dangers of black mold exposure.

While nobody likes mold, certain types can have particularly harmful effects. If you come in contact with black mold, you may find yourself joining the millions of individuals in the country who have suffered from toxic black mold syndrome. Like snakes and spiders, black mold creates biotoxins that can cause various symptoms ranging from fatigue to neurological complications.

More than an inconvenience, black mold can cause real health problems. Avoid exposure to its biotoxins by keeping your chimneys and air ducts clean and addressing water damage. Call your mold removal expert to ensure that you do not expose yourself to black mold.