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Take Care of Pooled Water ASAP with Indoor Green Solutions

There are few more obvious signs of water damage than pooled water around the exterior or interior of your home or business. Water damage restoration is best left to the professionals, as trying to do it yourself can leave you exposed to mold and other toxins. Indoor Green Solutions is the team to call for help with water damage in Washington DC. We have over 10 years of experience with mold remediation in the community, and we’re up for any challenge you have in store. However, pooled water by itself isn’t always a cause for concern. If you notice pooled water combined with some of these other signs of water damage, be sure to give us a call as soon as possible.

Check for the Obvious: Burst Pipes and More

Some forms of water damage won’t leave you guessing. You’ll know about the problem almost right away if you find burst pipes, an overflowing toilet, or sewage backup. However, pipe leaks might also be hidden, less visible to the naked eye. Whether the leak is major or minor, you may find pooled water and puddles in the affected area.

Stay Vigilant for Softening or Bubbling Walls

Your walls will often exhibit tell-tale signs of water damage. Cracked or peeling drywall could indicate underlying water damage, as could walls that appear to “bubble.” If water damage begins affecting your walls, this is a reason to get in touch with Indoor Green Solutions right away. Typically, this means the water damage has been left unchecked for some time and needs immediate treatment before it threatens the structural stability of your home.

Watch for Warped Floor Boards

Even if you don’t find pooled water in or around your home, warped flooring could mean you have a water damage problem. However, warping doesn’t look the same on every type of flooring. Some materials tend to separate from the foundation as they absorb too much moisture, while others buckle and sink. At the first sign of warping, uneven floors, or breaking away from the foundation, seek professional advice from Indoor Green Solutions.

Have You Noticed Unexplained Discoloration?

Leaks and pooled water can lead to severe discoloration in your walls, ceilings, and floors. In general, staining appears darker than the natural color of the affected area and may take on a brown, green, or yellow tint. Carpeting and wood flooring tend to be especially susceptible to discoloration.

Strange, Musty Odors Can Indicate Water Damage

When left unaddressed, excess moisture and water damage cause a musty or muddy smell. This might be strongest at the source of the damage, or it might linger throughout your home. While the smell itself is little more than an annoyance, it often precedes mold growth that can cause health issues. If you notice a musty smell that may be the result of water damage, it’s in your best interest to call Indoor Green Solutions’ mold remediation team.


Check for Mold Growth Before It Gets Out of Hand

Visible mold is an obvious indicator of water damage somewhere in your home. While not all types of mold come with health risks, it’s always best to get in touch with mold remediation experts right away. Unfortunately, mold isn’t always easy to spot. Be sure to check the attic, ceiling, walls, and even the exterior of your home for signs of mold growth. The sooner you spot mold, the quicker water damage restoration professionals can get your home good as new.

Don’t Write Off Increasing Water Bills

It’s only natural for your water bills to fluctuate month to month. However, in most cases, your bill won’t make huge increases or decreases without a good reason. If you notice skyrocketing water bills, don’t write them off as a common fluctuation in price. Higher-than-normal water bills may mean you have a broken or leaking pipe somewhere in your home with the potential to cause water damage.

Contact Indoor Green Solutions Today

No matter the extent of pooled water or water damage in your home, Indoor Green Solutions can help. We’re trusted throughout the Washington DC community for prompt, friendly service and effective mold remediation techniques. When you have a water damage problem, don’t hesitate to call the professionals. Contact us today for help in restoring your home.

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