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Clean, breathable air is essential for human life, and the expert team at Indoor Green Solutions is committed to helping you properly inspect and test the quality of air inside of your property. When some kind of accident or problem occurs in your home, mold growth can occur and proliferate and the air can be full of potentially toxic chemicals that can be harmful for people to be around. In households with elderly people or kids, these problems can magnify further and cause serious health concerns. People prone to asthma and other lung issues can be particularly vulnerable in enclosed indoor areas where ventilation is poor and the air is not clean. For a top level, professional crew who understands the importance of proper air quality, contact Indoor Green Solutions today and a member of our team will give you more information on our air quality testing services in Washington, D.C. We have years of experience helping homes and businesses figure out the source of their air troubles, and how to make the proper adjustments.

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An Air Quality Test System You Can Trust

When you or your business hires Indoor Green Solutions, you are guaranteed to be getting air quality test experts who can accurately test the air quality and help you find solutions to dealing with potentially dangerous areas. Our team of seasoned technicians goes through a rigorous, multi step process to ensure we are providing you with the absolute best information possible so you can make informed decisions. Air quality issues can be challenging because sometimes certain highly dangerous situations are odorless and completely invisible. Other air quality issues are easier to sense, and mold growth is a prime example. If the air feels thick, or a new musty smell has presented itself, it’s best to call right away and evacuate the room. Enclosed spaces full of toxic air can be very dangerous.

The Process of Air Quality Testing

Step 1 of air quality testing involves a visual inspection of the space. Our team has extensive experience about what to look for regarding air quality testing, and depending on the circumstance will keep a special eye out for certain criteria. For mold related issues, air quality is one of the #1 causes of illness, and the team at Indoor Green Solutions is ready to help.

Step 2 involves the use of a variety of special equipment to take actual samples of the air to get a sense of what particulates and chemicals are actually in the air. For mold related issues, these samples give our technicians important information as to what type of mold is present. For construction related projects, air sample tests provide additional insight that helps our team help you get your air cleaned up.

Step 3 of air quality testing involves sending the results to an outside laboratory that we work with routinely to give us a diagnosis of the problem. Alongside our trusted outside partners, we put together an air quality report that gives you all of the needed information to fix the problem. Mold growth doesn’t just affect the items where the mold is; spores are small and can get into the air of many different spaces. Contact us for more information.

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