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Mold Remediation Services from Indoor Green Solutions

We dread the day we find mold growing in our homes. Even if you’ve taken preventative measures, an unexpected flood or rainstorm could leave enough water damage in your Washington DC home to cultivate mold growth. Since there’s often little you can do to avoid mold completely, you need a mold remediation service you can trust. Indoor Green Solutions has been that reliable source for over 10 years. We have experience in all aspects of water damage restoration, and we want to help you get your home back to normal. Learn more about how to identify the signs of mold and when to call the professionals for help.


Look Out for Visible Mold Growth

The most obvious sign of mold is visible mold. You might notice spots on your ceiling, walls, floors, or anywhere else in your home that might receive water damage. However, some mold growth can be difficult to identify. It’s easy to write off discoloration and spots as something more minor, but it’s essential for homeowners to take action. Even small amounts of mold can become dangerous over time. Don’t forget that visible mold in one spot doesn’t mean there’s not mold elsewhere in your home.

Smell Something Strange Throughout Your Home?

Lingering musty or moldy smells are also clear signs of mold growth somewhere in your home. The scent is typically stronger the closer you get to the source. If the mold is growing close to your air conditioner or heating unit, it might circulate the odor throughout your home. While moldy smells certainly aren’t good news, call Indoor Green Solutions right away if the smell reminds you of sewage. This could indicate a much more hazardous sewage backup that needs immediate attention.

Look for Leaks and Pooled Water

Should you begin to notice leaking pipes or water pooling on your floors, you could be at risk for mold growth. Excess moisture, especially in dark areas, is the perfect breeding ground for mold to thrive. Keep in mind water leaks might be hidden behind walls or beneath floorboards. When you find a leak somewhere, it’s crucial to eliminate any mold growth right away as well.

visible mold growth

Mold Growth Can Cause Health Problems

If you notice unexplained health problems similar to a cold or respiratory condition, you may have mold growing somewhere in your home. Mold spores can cause sore eyes, itchy skin, runny nose, sneezing, and excessive coughing. If you already have a respiratory condition, such as asthma, mold might exacerbate your symptoms. Should your symptoms subside when you leave your home or go to a different room in your house, the chances of mold growth are even higher.

Have You Noticed Unexplained Rust or Water Stains?

Rust, water stains, and other discoloration is often a sign of excess moisture in your home. Usually, water stains appear as yellow or brown discoloration on your walls, ceilings, or anywhere else absorbing excess water. Rust that appears on pipes without an apparent cause might also indicate water damage somewhere in your home.

Keep an Eye on Your Gutters

If you suspect water damage, step outside and check your gutters. If you find they’re blocked by debris, your gutters could be the culprit of water damage. Gutters are your first line of defense against water-damaged siding or a destabilized foundation, and blocked gutters can’t properly direct water away from your home. As you evaluate your gutters, be sure to check your foundation for any water damage that could harm the structure of your home.

Check Your Walls for Chipping Paint or Deterioration

Walls and floors are some of the most common victims of rampant mold growth. Water-damaged walls will be evident will peeling or bubbling paint. However, built-up moisture behind your walls or beneath your floors can go as far as to warp the wood or drywall. In severe cases, you’ll see the full-blown deterioration of these materials throughout your Washington DC home.

Reach Out to Indoor Green Solutions for Help

Don’t allow mold growth to make your Washington DC home unlivable! The mold remediation team at Indoor Green Solutions knows how to handle mold, water damage, and all the problems that come along with them. Our team has years of experience helping our community, and we’d be happy to assist you and your family as well. Simply reach out to our staff to explain your situation, and we’ll provide you with an accurate free estimate of our services. Contact our team today to learn more.

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