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Once the weather starts getting colder, a fireplace can be a nice luxury to have, as long as you maintain it properly. A chimney sweep in Rockville can make your fireplace more efficient and durable as well as safer. Read on to take a look at the benefits of chimney cleaning.


Improved Efficiency

clean chimney will work substantially more efficiently than a dirty one. While unclean chimneys may contain buildups and obstructions that impair its ability to filter smoke out of the house, a clean chimney will properly remove the smoke to the exterior of your home.

Enhanced Safety

The safety of your chimney has everything to do with how clean it is. Over time, creosote that is produced from the fire travels through the smoke and builds up on the walls of the chimney. This can be very dangerous, especially if you use your fireplace frequently. If you fail to clean your chimney regularly, the creosote could build up in thick enough layers that they become flammable. The last thing you want is a flammable substance stuck above a healthy fire. In addition to the threat of combustion, creosote can prevent carbon monoxide from safely exiting your home. When this important air duct is clogged, the consequences can be deadly.

Increased Working Life

When you have a chimney sweep, you can rest assured that your fireplace will be safe for use; you know that you will not incur any negative consequences such as combustion or the trapping of poisonous gases. Another benefit to routine chimney cleaning is that your professional may find a problem with the chimney before it becomes noticeable. This gives you time to fix it without worrying about the problem worsening, thus extending the working life of the chimney.

Dirty chimneys can be inefficient; they may not filter smoke efficiently, which can be dangerous. A clogged air duct like the chimney, caked in creosote, can be life-threatening. Have your chimney cleaning professional check your chimney on a regular basis so that you can be sure it is in good working shape.

Benefits of chimney cleaning