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Indoor Green Solutions is committed to saving your home from mold and water damage. With more than 10 years of experience remediating mold, you can be sure our technicians can resolve your mold problem. We use the most effective techniques to remove mold from your house as well as take preventative measures to ensure mold doesn’t develop again. Save your house from future damage with our help!

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At Indoor Green Solutions, We are Known for Our:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Providing Warranty for all our services
  • Over 10 Years experience
  • Nationwide Certified Mold Assessors and Remediators
  • EPA Approved Products
  • Effective Mold Removal

Prior to remediation, we may ask you to step out of the infected room and enclose the area to prevent contaminated air from escaping to the rest of your house. High exposure to mold can be dangerous so we may wear protective gear, such as respirators and gloves. Depending on the amount of mold you have, your house may require new wall insulation or HVAC system.

A Dry House Begins With Us

As mold specialists, we know that mold thrives in condensed areas where moisture is present. With this in mind, we check your house for any leaks or dampness that may be present. We may also inspect your HVAC system to see if it’s properly working. From there, we repair the structure causing moisture. By ensuring your house is dry, we can prevent mold from growing.

We’re Here to Serve You

At Indoor Green Solutions, we strive to provide you the effective mold removal solution you need. Our technicians have extensive experience assessing and treating mold, giving you peace of mind when you work with our professionals. Whether you need mold removed or your basement dried, we’re here for you. Free your house of mold and moisture with us.

Indoor Green Solutions Offers the Following Services for Your Home:

  • Home Repair and Improvement Services
  • Mold Removal
  • Mold Remediation
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • 24/7 Emergency Service

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